OrderlyQ logo design

OrderlyQ logo

OrderlyQ is a call waiting tool for businesses. It allows customers to be better informed about when their call will be answered and it improves the call success rate: the number of customers being connected to a company agent. We worked with our fab client, Big Group, to design the OrderlyQ logo and beginning website concepts.

The OrderlyQ logo mark is straightforward and bold, integrating the O and Q of the name to form a bullseye design — a reference to the service’s ability to improve call answer rates. Our design was a ‘direct hit’ of sorts, as the end client approved it with no alterations.

website & branding concepts

We also created some beginning concepts for the website which introduced flat, simple iconography and a brand colour palette. These concepts were developed further by Big Group into the current site you see today.

OrderlyQ logo and website concepts
Website layout concepts. Client: Big Group/Twist