GPC environmental engineer logo design

GPC environmental engineering group logo

GPC is an environmental engineering consultancy in the south of England. The company was formerly known as Graham Powell Consultants and had transitioned into a limited liability partnership called GPC. To signal this change, they wanted a new logo design.

To create an environmental engineer logo design that’s relevant, we had to develop a mark that visualises both the partnership and the core of GPC’s services: improving the environment of a space.

the environment inspires the logo design

GPC logo environmental engineer logo design
Trees and landscape represented in schematic drawings. Icons like these were the starting point for our logo design.

When doing research, we came across architectural blueprints which used interesting iconography to represent nature. In the landscape around buildings, trees were often represented as circles. Sometimes there would be a mark inside like a dot or cross.

We got creative with that particular circle/cross tree icon and came up with logo design that referenced several aspects of the company:

  • Environment is touched upon in the circle shape (Earth, trees) and the blue/green/yellow colour scheme.
  • We grouped these circles to represent the new collective partnership of the company.
  • Finally, the plus sign relates to how GPC can positively enhance a building’s environment.

For the typeface we wanted to find a balance between professional, authoritative and approachable. We think we found that by setting the company name in a lowercase slab-serif, and it fits in well with the the circle group.