Encyclopedia Paranoiaca foil book design

Did you know that nearly 10,000 people are sent to A&E each year because of escalator accidents? Or that flossing your teeth and washing your hands can be harmful? How about the life-threatening dangers of skinny jeans and flip-flops? Well, now you know.

These are just a few disturbing facts from satirists Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf in their book Encyclopedia Paranoiaca. We created the hardcover foil book design for the publisher Duckworth Overlook.

We re-interpreted a lot of different facts as icons and then placed them in a sort of paranoid patchwork for the cover design. For example, we have sugar cubes (sugar is toxic to your body, according to a University of California paediatric endocrinologist); a bottle of hand santizier (there are “serious side effects” from its use); strawberries (“prone to disease, including fungal attacks”) — the list goes on.

The design is printed on a red hardcover with the icons in a sexy gold foil-block. Never has hypochondria looked so hot.

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