Certeco business change management website

Certeco business change management website

The challenge

Develop a website that more accurately displayed their services, demonstrated their expertise and offered an improved user experience for London-based business change management consultancy Certeco.

Because we had worked Ceteco for awhile maintaining their old site we were able to identify what was not working as well as it might and advise them on how to make it far more effective for actual and potential clients.

The site was built on WordPress CMS. But much of its useful functionality just wasn’t being harnessed. Adding a new blog or case study required a laborious process of updating a set of different pages to feature new content. It wasn’t easy for the client to do, and piled on unnecessary developer expense — even for small text changes. Also Certeco had several services and other aspects of their business that weren’t on the site. And there were also a number of technical issues under the hood which affected page loading speed, SEO visibility, user experience and more.

So it was a perfect opportunity for a total rethink.

Our solution

We worked with the consultancy Brand Adventure who project managed the job, restructured new content and refreshed the look. They handed their work over to us for development.

  • We improved the content tagging and categorisation so that users could better experience the breadth of Certeco’s expertise across services, case studies, blog updates, company events and more.
  • Our new site better tapped into WordPress’ capabilities to quickly update content site wide, cutting down all the time it used to take to maintain the site.
  • We fixed the underlying technical issues, leading to a faster, more accessible user experience.
  • And finally, thanks to Brand Adventure, the new site looks refreshed and modern.

Certeco business change management website responsive laptop

Collaborating with our client

This process lasted several months over a number of focused and creative conversations in order to nail down exactly where the site needed to improve, be completely clear about Certeco’s aspirations for the new site, and to get to know each other as our experience tells us that building a site of this scale means considerable time working together and the need for trust and understanding on both sides. At the end of the project we took a number of people from Certeco through the process of updating the site themselves — putting the simpler functionality in their hands (when it was previously too complicated a process for that to be efficient for them)

We have worked with Brand Adventure for several years, collaborating on other branding, design and development projects for their clients, as well as developing their website in 2013.