Paula Scher

Paula Scher doc on Netflix

Nice Netflix doc on Paula Scher. Cool to see another designer’s process and enjoyed her diagram of an ideal client meeting.

Posted by compoundEye on March 28, 2017

Another great Debbie Millman podcast 

About creativity, insecurities and life design:

Posted by compoundEye on March 26, 2017

Alan Kitching letterpress murals

Spotted some great graphic murals near Waterloo which came from the studio of letterpress wizard, Alan Kitching. These were done with local schoolchildren and using emotive words that describe the vibrant Southbank/Waterloo area. 

Posted by compoundEye on February 12, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright podcast

Interesting podcast from 99% Invisible about Frank Lloyd Wright and his first utilitarian house in Wisconsin, Usonia 1 Listen to the podcast here

Posted by compoundEye on February 8, 2017

Peter Kyle brexit test posters

Brexit posters for Peter Kyle MP

The Brexit posters we designed are up at the office of Peter Kyle, MP for Hove & Portslade. These focus on the ‘three rules’ he has for voting for the UK to leave the EU. See more of our work for Peter Kyle here. The @peterkyle office in #Hove toda …

Posted by compoundEye on January 31, 2017

How to Design a Life — Debbie Millman

I’m only just getting into the joys of Debbie Millman and her Design Matters podcast. She’s such a warm, thoughtful interviewer. This chat between her and Tim Ferriss (another great podcast) was especially deep and interesting, whether you’re a creativ …

Posted by compoundEye on January 18, 2017

Vaughan Oliver is a sweet northern Santa

I went to the Unit Live! chat last night in central London. Part of the Unit Editions operation, this discussion featured designers and writers who focus on design and music in the punk era and current day, including Malcolm Garrett and Kate Moross. Bu …

Posted by compoundEye on November 11, 2016

Designing for the environment

The D&AD President’s Lecture last night was centred around the environment and billed partly as discussion asking, “What does it take to swing the moral compass and hard-wired ideologies of a profit-led industry? And how do we extend that to the re …

Posted by compoundEye on January 27, 2016