AWI Tracker logo

AWI Tracker logo design

Logo design for AWI Tracker—a database of existing and upcoming industrial water projects and plants in the US. This is a website that helps subscribers identify trends and opportunities, get relevant contact information, track the status of existing projects and more.

For the logo design, we took inspiration from a few different visuals that were visual metaphors for the services offered by AWI Tracker:

  • A pie chart relates to sales and trends
  • A bullseye relates to targeting a contact or project
  • A radar relates to monitoring an area for events
  • A blue globe relates to water and—when viewed from the right angle—the North American continent
AWI Tracker logo design

Logo application

We took visual cues from these metaphors to create a new mark. Our resulting design feels dynamic with a sense of movement like the radar; the angles of the pie chart; the radiating circles and sharp colours of the bullseye, combined with the blue of the globe.

The logo design works large and small across different media: a browser favourite icon, a website banner, an app icon and in advertising.


AWI Tracker favicon
AWI Tracker logo design