Corporate event logos and flyer design

AWI corporate event branding

American Water Intelligence (AWI) in Austin, Texas, is a valued client. We love working for them, creating a range of corporate event branding: logos, flyers, brochures, programmes, banner ads and more. Here are a few samples:

AWI corporate event branding
Left: American Water Summit modular logo. Right: one from a series of event ads.

American Water Summit 2012 corporate event branding

For the American Water Summit event in Chicago we designed a hexagonal modular logo. The pieces of the logo could be changed to work in a different contexts and to display different types of information.

There was a range of materials designed for the event: brochures, sponsorship packs, ads and a final programme. All of these carried the visual identity we developed, creating strong corporate event branding.

AWI corporate event branding
Water Rights Regional Trading Summit 2012 brochure covers and interior

Water Rights Regional Trading Summit corporate event branding

In the American Southwest were a range of events happening as part of an umbrella event: the Water Rights Regional Trading Summit. These events took place in Texas, Arizona and California. Our role was to develop a related branding style across a range of brochures, programmes, pull-up event banners and ads.

Our design solution was to use a slab-serif font, colour range and selection of images which all had a Southwestern feel.

AWI logo design
AWI logo design

American Water Intelligence logo

This is an alternative logo design for the AWI publication masthead. Although the client opted for a design that was similar to their sister publication, we offered them this design option because its good to suprise your clients with something fresh. Except for bills. They don’t like those.

Water & Energy corporate event logo and event design

The core concept for the Water & Energy event is in the name, really. We created a logo design which uses water, fire and gas icons and would act as branding across all design materials.

The logo was then applied to a series of corporate event branding materials for the event: all keeping a consistent look and feel.

AWI corporate event branding
Water & Energy sponsorship pack brochure layout