compoundEye is a web development and graphic design studio. We have over 15 years’ experience. We enjoy a dialogue with our clients that leads to new, dynamic designs.

Professional, relaxed customer service is also important to us and our clients say we do this very well. We work with blue chip, SMEs, universities, publishers, individuals and more. We’d love for you to become a client too! Get in touch.

Client feedback

… The results look beautifully simple but a huge amount of love, work, perfecting and ironing out complications went into making it so, and compoundEye not only made it all feel easy, but it was also a pleasure to work with them – and we hope to continue to do so.”

We love partnering with highly skilled web design agencies like compoundEye. Working in a highly competitive niche is a great challenge and it’s very rewarding to see such tangible results both in terms of sales and audience growth for School Appeals.”


Paula Scher doc on Netflix

Nice Netflix doc on Paula Scher. Cool to see another designer’s process and enjoyed her diagram of an ideal client meeting.

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Another great Debbie Millman podcast 

About creativity, insecurities and life design: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-tim-ferriss-show/id863897795?mt=2&i=1000383104348

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